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See a Beginner's Beautiful Vegetable Garden!

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Beginner Vegetable Garden by Andrea
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A vegetable garden plan by a first-timer!

Andrea Boyd from West Des Moines, Iowa
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This was Andrea’s very first year of vegetable gardening, but you’d never know it! She went all-out, researched, and earned that success. Take a look at her beautiful beginner garden. What a harvest!

Andrea’s Garden Story

I like to say I got a graduate degree from all the garden videos, emails, tips, and tricks from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

I could NOT have done what I did this year as a newbie without the Garden Planner. It was a huge blessing for me and helped me to follow my longer-term “farming” dream!

I’m constantly plugging it and telling people to join. It is hard to say just what a huge, life-changing impact this has had on my family and me.

–Andrea Boyd

Andrea’s Vegetable Garden Plan

(West Des Moines, Iowa)

Andrea planned out eight main garden beds and a few small beds for strawberries and sweet corn. She also used the space inside the garden fence to grow watermelons, squash, and a few other crops.  Later, Andrea added arched trellises.   

Note: Not all of Andrea’s garden is on the initial plot plan below, but this was where she started. We would advise gardeners who are planning a “year 2” to create a “follow-on plan” so that the plan can cue proper crop rotation. This also makes it quick and easy since the Garden Planner copies the layout and any perennials.

The Results! Beautiful Garden Photos

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Looking down at the garden from the deck.
Another overhead shot
Mulching suppresses the weeds and requires less watering.
The garden is in full story! A dream realized!

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Catherine Boeckmann loves nature, stargazing, and gardening so it’s not surprising that she and The Old Farmer’s Almanac found each other. She leads digital content for the Almanac website, and is also a certified master gardener in the state of Indiana. Read More from Catherine Boeckmann

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